Friday, January 7, 2011

It's an Interior Thing - A Bowl Full of Lemons Challenge

Toni at A Bowl Full of Lemons has organized a New Year "lets get organized" style challenge. It's on day 6 (organizing your dresser drawers) but could be done at any time IMHO :-) Once the hubster wakes up I will tackle mine.
So far she has challenged her readers to organize :-)
1. junk drawer - I have one beside the phone full to the brim of papers. It gets cleaned out maybe 2 times per year.
2. computer desk - well that took me all of 5 minutes to fix and most of that was trying to untangle two sets of earphones my kids use.
3 Tupperware cabinet - always organized because they have my baking supplies in them.
4. Linen closet - definitely needs tidied up.
5. Under kitchen sink -  maybe some storage baskets would be useful.
If you want to participate, or just enjoy some before and after photos, hop on over to
My thinking is if I get myself organized around the house again it might get me moving along with finishing all the wall hangings I started last year.

The big event for today here though is .... drum roll please ....... our new family room couches are being delivered. Yeah verily we finally found something we liked enough to buy. The hubster and the songbird (DD#1) are going to demolish our old ratty couch and just because I am a softy at heart we are holding on to at least one cushion for Lucy to continue using.
On the stitching front I have done nothing quilty except download and commit to making a design, albeit smaller, from Susan Brubaker Knapp at It's a freebie and there's also a giveaway.
I'm also starting back into making fabric postcards. (My wee break from that turned into almost a year.) Now that's embarrassing because I love making them.
Aaargh it looks like I am out of photo storage space for my blog. Now that's not good :-(


John'aLee said...

What a fantastic challenge. These are things we ignore and its kind of embarrassing when one realizes it only takes a few minutes to tidy them up!
Can't wait to see the new couches and the postcards as they get made!

moosestashquilting said...

Oh that drated tupperware cabinet. Mine is a nightmare. Guess I better get going on it! :-)

Mickie said...

What a great challenge, love the idea of the bowl of lemons! :)

Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

Sounds like a great challenge...I try to keep up with most places in the house, but somehow they always could use a little "neating up"!

Thanks for your visit!


Jaye said...

I am doing a little bit of tidying up as well. Mostly filing old paperwork and clearing off horizontal surfaces. I can do it a little at a time. Not big goals on this front for me!