Thursday, May 12, 2011

Hand sewing

I'm teaching one of my friends how to hand sew/quilt. The purpose behind this ....... to repair some quilt tops her grandmother made. They were damaged in a fire a couple of years ago. They have all cleaned up quite well (mostly smoke damage and stains) and now the seam repair work is in process.
This is the one we are currently working on. It will eventually be turned into a summer weight quilt since a lot of the fabrics are quite fragile. Once my friend feels comfortable with the hand sewing, (she's doing quite well) we are planning on having an old fashioned sewing bee :)

The fabrics are lovely BUT they vary from very thin to heavyweight which definitely has caused some issues. The seams are all nicely hand sewn BUT a variety of thread was used (including embroidery floss). We may have to replace some of the seams sewn with floss but that can wait till the others are sewn back together.
I'll share photographs of the other quilts and blocks when I get back from my vacation.


moosestashquilting said...

What a fabulous labor of love. Sounds like you have a very special friend and this project will be worth it all!

Sue said...

What a treasure, it looks like it cleaned up quite nicely. I've done quilt repair work before, it's tedious, but oh so satifying!


Summerland Cottage Studio said...

LoVed this post !
Restoring the beautiful quilt,
and planning on having an old fashioned sewing bee,
makes me think of all the women bonding in some of our favorite chick movies.
Just watched The secret life of bees .