Monday, July 11, 2011

Creating an office area

You might have noticed that there has been a distinct lack of quilting/sewing updates. We've been busy creating a new "office" area in our family room, de-junking areas of the house, and doing a lot of work in the garden.

Before I left for Scotland we worked out a design for the new "office" area, decided on cabinets etc. and John set to work. The back wall had to be removed temporarily to put in new wiring/outlets. A friend helped with suggestions for the "floating" tabletop/work surface.We still have some doors to stain, some spots to touch up and some repainting of the wall to do. We are pleased with how it's all coming along.

We are "trying out" the area at the moment to make sure it works for us. So far so good. My "station" will be by the door and I'll have all my genealogy stored above me. It's currently taking up space in our sewing room/spare bedroom.
John has the area by the window for all his "bits and pieces" (there's a lot) :) The two open areas at each end of the small wall cabinets are for speakers.
We should have been finished by now but "life" has had other plans. What can I say - school is out, it's getting humid and my allergies/headaches have kicked in big time :)

Our work area in the garage. We are using a mahogany combo stain/poly finish which we really like. While it says to use two coats we have found that three coats is looking better.

Before the staining started. We opted to stain the cabinet carcases and table top in situ and the doors & trim pieces in the garage.

Himself attaching the shaped legs for the worktop.

Measuring slowly and carefully before making some final cuts.  Don't you just love our "workbench"!!! It's actually quite solid and works well.

"The Boss" supervising her minions :)
Once this area is finished and everything put away we can start the project at the other end of the room round the fireplace.

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MooseStash Quilting said...

It's starting to look great, and I am sure you will love it when it's done!