Sunday, June 21, 2009

Tennessee mush :)

Well it looks like it is finally here. Middle Tennessee summer where the humidity turns the brain to mush and mine has been like that for the past week. Sewing and creativity has been nil. It was 104 inside the van when we got out of church this afternoon. DD#2 got into town at about midnight last night from Utah and was about melting this morning.

The dogs are blowing their coats so plenty of "exercise" picking up LOTS of hair from any floor they happen to walk across. Two "eskies" (Lucy's brother is visiting for a few days) is a lot of hair :) I'm collecting some in a bag just out of curiosity. They are currently flaked out on the family room floor.

I have some fabric postcards going out this week so I will post pictures soon. Story behind some of them will be told at that point.

In the meantime - Happy Father's Day to those of you celebrating it. Hope you all have had a fabulous day.

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Micki said...

No summer here, so it is good that you are getting warmer weather.