Monday, June 1, 2009

Sewing for pioneer trek

My two youngest are going on a pioneer style trek next week. They have to wear clothing "in the style" of early pioneers so my sewing machine has been busy. We made a bonnet and apron using Simplicity pattern #3723. One of my other daughters used the same pattern a few years ago to make a pioneer style dress for a school project.

We visited the thrift store and got two large men's shirts which I adapted using a pattern one of my friends found on-line and a pretty long dress which I made a skirt from. The dress would have been great as was but it was a bit too tight across the bodice for Kris hence the change to a skirt.

What's left to do? Another skirt or dress, a blouse or two, two pairs of pants and suspenders. We are going thrift store shopping again tomorrow to see what we can find to adapt.


Micki said...

That sounds like great fun! It is wonderful that you found those patterns.

Lula said...

would love to see pics