Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Scots Corner - The Smith Art Gallery & Museum

My hometown of Stirling has a small, what I would call intimate, art gallery & museum. It's actually quite good and free to visit. There is an interesting permanent exhibition "The Stirling Story" that is worth taking the time to see along with their rotating special collections.
There are two very rare items in the collection and they are believed to be the oldest of their kind in the world - a curling stone from @1511 which draws many an avid curler, and......... drum roll please, showing in the photograph a leather football from @1540. It's been touring but is currently home for a spell.
The gallery itself was opened in 1874 and at that time was known as the Smith Institute. It has a wee lecture hall that I had the good fortune to attend a meeting at about the history of policemen.
If you get to feeling a wee bit peckish or thirsty then try out the cafe.
I like their shop :) I had to hold on fast to my purse or every penny would have been spent !!!!!! What can I say I looooove postcards and also collect genealogy/local history information.
Don't forget to say "Hi" to Hamish.

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pajudie said...

Wow, Carol - it's hard to imagine that those items are that old!!! We here in the States think the 1700's is old - nothing compared to your neck of the woods :o) Thanks for the info - just whettens my appetite to get to Scotland!!