Friday, June 18, 2010

Local Life - The Golden Age of Couture: Paris and London 1947-1957

Kris and I got back a wee while ago from the opening day of this wonderful exhibition at the Frist. It's part of the V&A collection and I believe the only scheduled stop in the US so we are privileged indeed.
We caught a sneak peak when we were leaving the building last week and Kris was adamant we had to go visit as soon as it started. We got caught up in all the traffic for the Artisans Festival at Centennial and I thought my van was going to expire in the heat (mid 90's) but we got there and enjoyed ourselves.
Our favorite overall was the miniatures. Such detail.
If I can track down some photographs I'll add them in soon.

The other exhibition that opened today is - Presence or Absence the Photographs of Tokihiro Sato. I think this one is going to suffer a bit from being surrounded by stunning costumes on all sides and Chihuly upstairs. It does give a moment for quiet reflection though so don't pass it up.

I got a reminder e-mail about the textile exhibition at the V&A in London. It's winding down so if you have not seen it head on over there, either on foot or on-line. My brother sent me a couple of Youtube links about it that are interesting to watch and is planning on being my "visit in person for me" duplicate :) Okay so that's a bit of a stretch but it was sweet of him to agree to my "demands". (While he looks bonnie in a kilt, a dress would be a bit of a stretch !!!)
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Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Carol, Thanks for visiting my blog... I hope you come back anytime. You asked about growing roses in TN... It's not easy. We don't have the clay --but we do have lots of ROCK --right below the soil. George builds up our beds as much as possible --and add really good, fertile dirt (compost, manure, etc.).... Good Luck with yours!!!

I'm not a quilter --but love quilts, especially old ones. I have one which belonged to my mother and it is very special to me...

Hope you have a great Father's Day weekend.