Friday, June 18, 2010

Project updates - a smorgasbord

My two sided "Flowers in the Garden" wall hanging is about complete. Just have to finish embroidering some flower centers. I might reveal next week what it is actually for :) It needs some dog hair removal because darling Lucy decided to jump up on the bed and lie on it and left some blow out behind. Aaaargh !!!!!!
Fabric package #2 has arrived and now I wait for #3. Then I can start my two new quilt projects. Here's a peak at a couple of possible combinations.

4 of the 5 500th posting giveaway packages are in the mail. Keep your eyes peeled ladies :)
My PIF gifts have started arriving. Micki received the mini pillow/pincushion (front and back shown below) and appropriately enough it arrived close to her birthday which was yesterday :) I have to follow up with my other two ladies.
I'm making progress with my main crocheting project. I've discovered muscles in my fingers I forgot I had :) Michaels has a sale at the moment so I bought enough yarn to finish up this project, another one I am working on and an idea for a Christmas present.
I got a fun box in the mail but you will have to go to my other blog to see what that was all about.
There's some other fun mystery projects in the works, more about those later.
I sent of my Postcard Pizzazz fabric postcard to Carole Marie for the mystery challenge and realized after it left that I forgot to take a picture. I hope she takes a decent one that I can borrow.

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Debbie said...

Love your fabric combinations. So pretty.