Friday, June 4, 2010

Project update - packages

My little stack of packages waiting, on my reading chair, to go to a post office. PIF gifts, Postcard Pizzazz mini-wall hanging, hostess gifts and birthday cards. The little quilt on the back of the chair was made by my friend Cynthia and I won it a few years ago in a "silent auction". She was making a lot of baby quilts at the time and since I am well past that stage I "threatened" everyone with grievous bodily harm if I was outbid :)

I've also been participating in a Postcard Pizzazz mystery make and send card. Those of us who signed up were sent items to make a card and have to return it soon. All I will say about mine is "there's a lot of laundry going on" :) Cannot do the reveal yet because the group has to do a vote. For those of you who like seeing my postcards I apologize for the dearth of new ones this year.

I also decided to participate in a "super fast collect and package" swap with one of the yahoo groups. We had to fill a baggie with items we already had then post a picture to the group. My package is called "beautiful blues".

Thanks to those of you here, and elsewhere, who gave me great suggestions for how to sign my double sided quilt.

Sketches for two new wall hangings I am working on. I have not decided yet if they will be two sides to the same quilt or if they will be separate. I've ordered fabric which I hope will show up some time next week.

I'm going to do a full size dummy run using paper before I cut into the fabric. It's very rare for me to name a quilt before I make it but these ones came to mind as I was doing the drawings.
Enjoy your week-end. We have scouting stuff going on as in Nik has badges to complete, I am sewing badges on his uniform and some of us are assisting with a friends' Eagle scout project.


Debbie said...

Love the title....have a feeling that this one will have a life of its own once you get started. Can't wait to see how it comes out. Really like the design.

Anonymous said...

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Marie said...

You have certainly been a busy beaver! Love all the packages and that new quilt looks to be shaping up into something wonderful! I can't wait to see it become a reality! xxoo