Monday, May 31, 2010

Project update - mini Irish chain challenge

"Flowers in the Garden." 
The "finished" wall-hanging measures 19"x19" and has been a whoooole lot of fun to put together, except for stabbing myself in the finger and thumb a number of times :) The front is what I would consider a traditional layout and is all hand quilted. The back has a somewhat more "retro" look to it and is machine appliqued. Picture 2 is a "sneak peek" of part of it. I have to finish embroidering the flowers.
Most of my small quilts are double sided and I can usually come up with a way of either adding a label or signing it somewhere. This one I'm stumped so any suggestions would be appreciated.
I have a new quilt design in the works that I am really excited about. It's been twirling around in my brain for a while now and this morning it gelled so I sketched it up quickly and now just have to "formalize" the design. I'm not going to be able to use my fat quarter collection for some of it which means ............ fabric buying....... or begging ...... or swapping !!!!!


Elyte said...

Hi Carol, the back looks great. Would you add another flower and write on it? Or just write or embroider along a thin strip of fabric and sew it along the bottom edge. Sorry, not very creative. Good luck with it and look forward to seeing your final decision.

Bonnie said...

I think you could actually sign it around the inside of the pink flower following the design of the flower. It looks great. B.

Peggi said...

Hi Carol!!

Yay - I can comment now! :)

LOVE your Irish chain mini, especially the quilting. I absolutely adore miniature quilts...