Friday, May 21, 2010

Project update - mini Irish chain challenge

I like making small quilts and wall hangings but decided a few months ago that I needed to join a group that specializes in that. I found Small Quilt Talk at yahoo and I am learning a goodly amount. The group is moderated by Kathy Tracy author of "American Doll Quilts", "Prairie Children and Their Quilts" and "Remembering Adelia".
Learning challenge #9 is mini-Irish chain and is my first project with the group. I like using bright colors but decided to go with a more muted palette of browns and cream for this one. The basic top is done and I am now doing things to it :) The finished quilt will be two sided.


Dotti said...

Is this yahoo group open to newcomers?

Erin O. said...

I love the color choices. I have a stack of browns I'd love to delve into, but believe it or not, was intimidated. You've done a nice job.

Anonymous said...

How nice this 9 patch is with a yoyo in the middle! Very Nice!

Lonci said...

Beautiful, i like the colors what you chose:)

Anonymous said...

Hello again,

I can't seem to find the nine patch you made from yahoo group, smallquilttalk,,,can you help me?
Thanks so much,
Linda J