Wednesday, May 19, 2010

It's an Interior Thing - definitely an attitude of mind

I think I am unnecessarily intimidated about learning to crochet and so with some of my "fun money" I bought these
Then I watched a few You-Tube videos because I still don't understand some of my written patterns.
I like the series "Art of Crochet by Teresa" and her demonstration of a half granny square seems very simple.
I also like her - Crochet V-stitch Granny Square

Here's some of my "aspiring too" pieces from my antique crochet collection. All were made by my great-aunts and grandmothers. Some still have to be put together.

I have used all of the above at some point. My favorite is the green doily.

During the lifetime of my grandmothers and great-aunts it was fairly common to see crocheted items used round the homes as dresser sets, under vases, to edge napkins, as plate covers, teapot warmers, table runners etc. Surprisingly I have no granny square items in my collection but I do know my grandmother made at least one blanket in her lifetime.


Anonymous said...

I have made a number of doilies! I still use them...but not in the way they did years ago. They use to heavily starch their doilies. I just iron them and put under things. My mom made dozens that she gave away. We still have a few though. I just put my dark red doily I'd made away today!

You are blessed to have your grandmothers and aunts!

Dori said...

I absolultely love all the quilts and wall hangings. They are stunning. I used to quilt years ago but somehow cross stitch took over. Also you garden is just beautiful. I have a horrible "black" thumb .. so I am in awe. For your give away I am drooling over the long pillow with the birds. Even have a nice open basket that it would look perfect in.

Dori (from The Sampler Life)