Wednesday, May 12, 2010

It's an Interior Thing - the simple life

Aaaaah the fresh smell of sea air as gentle waves roll onto the beach. The giddiness of children (and adults) building castles in the sand, eating grainy sandwiches while reveling in the heat of summer, and chasing sticks with their dogs. Skin turning red from forgotten sun screen. Ice-cream never tasted so good. The aroma of hot chips (french fries) in bags as people stroll along the promenade. Folding beach chairs and sunshades creating an oasis of shade.
Have you ever dreamed about living by the ocean or transforming a non-conformist building? For me it's been windmills, tiny little chapels or houseboats, none of which have been realized but give my mind plenty of opportunity to visualize :)
Someone who has taken on the challenge, and blogs about her beach house renovation is Sarah at  Her cottage is in Australia but she is currently back home in England visiting some old haunts.

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Marie said...

I, for most of my life anyways, have never lived too far from the seaside, or at the very least a lake. I love the water and all the simple things that go along with spending a day along side of it! (Over here that means fish and chips! yumm!!)