Sunday, May 2, 2010

A state of emergency

Well dear people, Tennessee will probably be declared a disaster area by tomorrow. Davidson County, where I live, already is declared. We have had severe rain since yesterday morning (approx 18" thus far with more to come).
Every creek and river broke their banks and the Cumberland River is inching up to level with 1st. Avenue in downtown Nashville. The flood level stick is currently at about 47 ft. there.
Many roads are closed or impassable, houses have been washed away. Cars are stacked up. Highways and Interstates are closed or being closed. There's an 8 mile traffic jam on the interstate at Bellevue. PLEASE STAY HOME AND DO NOT TRAVEL IN OUR COUNTY UNLESS YOU ARE EMERGENCY CREWS. Power, phones, internet is intermittent.
We are on a hill and while we have a soggy basement and a tree down, we are nowhere near as bad as our neighbors across the street or further into Bellevue. People have been evacuated where necessary and the rest of us are just sitting things out and getting organized for a major clean-up once the rain storms stop.
Our home is available for anyone local who needs somewhere to stay overnight.
Some photographs along our street from yesterday and today can be found at our family blog
We are in the sliver of town between Hwy's 100 and 70, both are flooded in a number of areas because of the Harpeth River. One of the main concerns is what condition the roads will be in once the water has subsided.
It's been about 1928 since the flooding has been this bad but as our neighbor Betty said "the rain will stop at some point and the sun will come out" :)


A Brit in Tennessee said...

Carol, I'm glad to hear you are safe, isn't this all such an inconvenience :)
I have been watching the pictures on the news channel and I don't believe I have ever seen such widespread flooding.
Our whole little town is under water especially the town square.
You are correct, we all need to stay home, and off the streets.
Take care my friend, tomorrow should be better!

Quilts and Cats said...

Wow, I'm so sorry. I live in Cleveland, TN just north of Chattanooga and it just started to rain about an hour ago. We had tornado warnings, high winds and gray skies all day. Weather can be very scarey. Stay safe. Lynne

Kathy B in TN said...

I'm glad you're okay. We live in north Columbia and it's a mess all around us, although our little acre is okay :) This is the worst I can ever remember.

Dolores said...

All I can say is 'stay safe.'

Cynthia said...

Glad that you are okay. MLA said they are stuck for the time being and have been without power for 12hours. All I can say is wow! We were planning to come up this weekend for a wedding but I'm not sure that is still a go. Take care.

Marie said...

Oh gosh Carol. I am glad that you are safe but feel bad for those who aren't. You are all in my prayers! xxoo

Debbie said...

Glad you are all safe. I have seen the photos on the news, and can only imagine what it will be to clean up. Take care.

Quilt Rat said...

Must be such a helpless see the water coming, rising....and nothing you can do but wait it out.
Wonderful that you have offered your home to those in need.
Stay safe, and stay dry

ER said...

Oh Carol, i'm so glad you are safe. I only found out about this on Jo's blog. It didn't make the news over here, they've been more concerned with the oil spill. I will keep all of you in my prayers.