Monday, May 10, 2010

Blog of the Week - The Quilt Rat

Jill Buckley from Ontario Canada, aka "The Quilt Rat", IMHO is a wonderful artist. She was going to be my spotlight last week but with the weather that hit us she suggested we wait :) Congratulations on having "Graffiti" selected for the juried show at the 2010 Grand National Quilt Show which opened on Saturday and runs till June 13th.

Some of you may already be familiar with Jill's art piece "Earthbound" shown here with some of her collection of mini sewing machines. I love "Earthbound" and it was my initial introduction to Jill's work. Having said that I am spotlighting her blog because of her doodles. I enjoy reading and seeing her thought process as she takes what many might think are common or familiar objects and turns them into something highly creative and "out of the box".

I highly recommend you visit to find out what Jill did with the above flower. I guarantee you will learn a lot from her experiments.

There's also a Scottish connection ...... of sorts. "Tartan Delight" was created for the 2009 mini quilt challenge at McDougall Cottage in Cambridge, Ontario. Read Jill's April 28, 2009 post to find out more about that annual event.
Thanks to Jill for letting me raid her blog for photographs and for being such a wonderful inspiration and teacher to many of us. I will take you up on your challenge to doodle :)


Quilt Rat said...

I think I am blushing!!!!
Thank you so much,what an absolutely wonderful post introducing my blog to your readers.

I hope they will say hello and let me know that you sent them.

Zlaty said...

I am big fan of Jill's, too! Isn't she fabulous and so creative!
"Earthbound" is one of my favorite of her quilts as well!

Have a great day!