Friday, May 14, 2010

Project update - re-visiting some dogs and a new project

I was working on a series of Scottie dog wall hangings last year and came to a grinding halt with one of them - 4 seasons. I put all four together in one grouping but did not like it and could not quite work out why. I unpicked everything and decided to go back to my original idea of making 4 small "quilties". I'm currently working on winter and trying out beading for the bottom edge. (And yes your eyes are not deceiving you, the borders are cut at a slight angle.)

Because I moved a number of containers from the basement to my sewing room I was unable to access my sewing machine until yesterday.
To keep me "occupied" I have been designing and hand stitching a pillow. The back of it will be a quilt design probably in white, navy and lime green to go with the colors I've picked for the front. I am working on the upper left hand corner at the moment.

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pajudie said...

I love those Scotties - how cute. And your hand stitching is really beautiful!!!