Thursday, December 9, 2010

Colourful Friday - It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas .....

everywhere we go etc. etc. etc.
Greetings one and all and welcome to my little corner of Colourful Friday Christmas fun. The tree is trimmed, the fire has been lit, the stockings have been hung with care, and an advent calendar is on the go.

We've almost finished up our outside decorating and I'm feeling ready to "Deck the Halls" :) I'm making a wreath at our kitchen table and had my first hot apple cider of the season.

The weather is brisk outside ...... no snow yet but I'm sure it will come and my snowmen will be oooooh sooooo happy to have their "cold weather cousins" visit.

Hark I hear someone knocking at the door. What's that you say. You saw a star.
By all means come on in, you are more than welcome. Rest a while, You look like you have travelled far distances.
Yeah, verily, the baby has arrived - Praise be -  "For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given, unto us a son is given, for unto us a child is born ....."
(My mother-in-law and I took a ceramics class together many years ago. We made large nativity sets from scratch. Mine has been through a few color changes over the years but I think I'll stick with the pearl glazed terra-cotta.)
To everyone that has been participating in Colorful Friday I hope you have a wonderful festive season filled with great joy. South of the equater have a fabulous summer.
To all my blog followers and those who have left comments during this past year - thank you and may this season be memorable and joyful for all of you.
To my family and friends ..... love you .... may you sing and play away till the midnight hour tolls to bring in the New Year and may all of us celebrate in style.

Join in the celebrations with Robyn and the rest of the crew at t'will be the last Colourful Friday visit for this year. Adios amigos, let the party begin. (Sorry people, I think there must have been something in the non-alcoholic apple cider, I'm feeling a wee bit merry ;) )


Anonymous said...

It looks warm and cosy inside...wishing you a happy Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Oh I love Christmas! A 'White Christmas' and in front of a fire is something I'd love to experience.
Loved your post.
Wishing you a Very Merry Christmas.

Anita said...

Hi Carol, It won't be snowing for Christmas in our parts but we all love Christmas no matter what. I love your ceramic nativity, it looks lovely. Have a wonderful Christmas. Kind regards, Anita.

Karen said...

Hi Carol.
Lots of lovely Christmas pics. The wreath is looking good and the snowmen are so cute. The star in the glass on the door is beautiful!
Love your colours of Christmas.

moosestashquilting said...

I have been so busy stitching up the last of my holiday things, that I have decorated yet. Guess I need to get busy. Your place looks wonderful.

Lois said...

What a wonderful nativity set. A colorful and Merry Christmas to you and yours. Love Lois

Bev C said...

Hello Carol,

Congratulations on such a wonderful post. Apple cider aye!!!
Merry Christmas to you to hope you have a fantastic day when it comes.
Happy days.

Robyn G. said...

Oh Carol what a delightful post to read!!
Mee--eerrrr-rry Christmas to you and yours!
Your home looks wonderful and wow I'd love to be there while you're making your wreath... looks like fun!! ..and it's beautiful!!

I loved following you through your home while you told us various Christmas rhymes and sang us songs... and shared with us your warm Christmas home.

..and most of all I love that we are a 'crew' the 'Colourful Friday Crew'... love that!!

Sweet Cinnamon Stitches said...

Oh, the snowmen are so cute!!
Merry Christmas Carol!

A Brit in Tennessee said...

Your decorating is so warm and inviting, I'd love to sit beside the fire, with a cup of tea, and enjoy each other's company.
We've certainly had the cold snowy weather this weekend, and tonight is going to be bone-chillingly so.
Wishing you a very merry Christmas, don't forget the mince pies and sausage rolls :)