Friday, December 3, 2010

Colourful Friday - TEAL

TEAL is a very pretty color that ranges from grey blue to grey green. It can also range from quite bright to very subdued in tone. I've seen some lovely skies and ocean colors and birds with that color but I would have to raid WWW to get some of those.
Here we have what's left of any TEAL colors I have in clothing. (Mmmmm I think I need to hang them up to release the wrinkles.)

Two TEAL wall hangings "in progress" and some other crafty stuff. The bright thread and tiny bit of fabric is related to a large sewing project that is going on at the moment. My daughter painted the vase years ago as a mothers day gift and I added the pebbles. The fabric postcard came from a color swap and the cow head is one of the motifs on some "still to be made" PJ fabric.

Our synthesizer has bright TEAL buttons and when it plays the keys light up. Tons of fun for a beginning pianist :)

The heart angel was a gift from a friend when we lived in Michigan years ago. It's in the GREEN side of TEAL and goes on our tree every year.

Head on over to Robyn's blog for some more fun TEAL and some light hearted banter about her choice of color :) 
Oooooooh, I just noticed a TEAL napkin sitting on my family room floor. What's that doing there?
Next weeks color is - ANYTHING TO DO WITH CHRISTMAS.

A hexie mug rug I made this week only I am using it as a candle mat :)

AND for Jaye at the CREATIVE PROMPT PROJECT :) This weeks word is #95 THANKS


Dolores said...

It's one of my all-time favourite colours. Thanks for the fix.

Karen said...

Hi Carol.
Great work with teal this week.
Gorgeous fabrics in your WIP. Lovely colour in the vase too.
Your mug rug is serving its new purpose well as a candle mat. It looks great.

Robyn G. said...

Ooh Carol you did 'great' finding so much teal in your home... and like Dolores it's one of my fave colours too :-)
Your hexie mug rug is adorable and perfect for a candle... love it!
It really does seem to be a changeable colour doesn't it??
Great job Carol... Happy friday!! xx

Jaye said...

Really nice response to the creative prompt for last week. I love it that you are doing different things! Paper arts are a perfect medium for responses. Keep up the fabulous work!

Narelle said...

You have lots of lovely Teal around, well done!
I'm afraid I struggled with both the colour and time this week. :(

Lois said...

What a pretty post and the hexie mug/candle mat gave me idea for personal gift. My one daughter just got promotion and I think I will make her one for her desk. Love Lois

Sweet Cinnamon Stitches said...

What a lovely collection of teal....I luv the 9 patch teal in your quilt!