Saturday, March 26, 2011

Colourful Fridays - Copper Collage

I was not planning on participating this week due to spring break, some other commitments AND my computer acting a bit funky BUT when I looked at some of my smaller copper colored items I realized they were all gifts !!!!! Unfortunately I could not get the depth of copper color in my photograph but I still love it anyway.

Background fabric - a surprise gift in an on-line cross-stitch swap. She used it on the back of the exchange gift.
Wind chimes - a surprise birthday gift from our local elementary school librarian (a few years ago). it normally hangs in our sunroom and glows in the light.
Two of my necklaces - the large one a gift from my mother (part of a set) and the small one a recent gift from an on-line giveaway.
Two fabric postcards given to me in swaps. The copper colors sparkle in the light.
A wooden key holder - have you ever looked at wood closely and seen copper colors? There's a lot of that in my house.
Book - a gift to my husband. I love the gradation of "copperish" color.
A flower stem that normally sits in a bud vase with a rose.

Hop on over to to see how some of the others overcame this challenging color choice.
If you head on over to you'll find some fascinating information about copper. The greens and blues in my photograph are part of the chemical process ;)


Marilyn said...

Great group of coppery goodies here. You did well.

Val said...

Wow! You have lots of copper things. I particularly like the bracelet with the round pink stones.

Rebecka said...

Great photo! I love that copper book cover. Well done!!

Robyn G. said...

Hi Carol, finally made it here *smile*
Yes it is a great post and you have some wonderful copper finds too.
Funny that so many are gifts... lovely gifts :D
Copper was a challenging one, but still fun... it made me look a little harder.
Another fun Friday :-)