Thursday, March 3, 2011

Creative Prompt Project - Abundance

Creative Prompt #108
Meet "Bubble Heart"
This might be a bit of a stretch for the word ABUNDANCE but the heart I made for myself a few days ago has an ABUNDANCE of circles in the fabric pattern :) It took an ABUNDANCE of snips to fray the edge and a number of fabric circles to create the flower. My new heart is currently hanging from my peg board which has definitely got an abundance of holes in it !!!!

So which definition of ABUNDANCE did I go with....... "overflowing fullness:abundance of the heart."


Cheryll said...

How about an abundance of TaLeNt!
You did a wonderful job on the heart...nice to have hanging in your room.:)

moosestashquilting said...

I love your little heart. These little scrappy do dads just speak to my soul!

Jaye said...

Love the idea you have articulated for this prompt. I love seeing the variety of ways people can participate. Thanks for taking the time!