Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Beautiful Britain - Outer Hebrides

Oh be still my beating heart. I am going to Scotland to visit my parents, siblings and nephews, and taking my two oldest daughters with me :)
If I can swing it I would love to visit the Outer Hebrides. It's a wee bit of a hike from my parents house to my cousin's farm but I would at least like to work out the cost and travel just to see if it could be accomplished this time round. My brother made the trip last year with our nephews and sister-in-law and had a good experience.
Having lived on the Isle of Skye (Inner Hebrides) as a child and having a good friend from Stornoway when I was in high school the idea of going to Lewis/Harris and assorted outer islands has always appealed to me.

Outer Hebrides (orange), Inner Hebrides (pink)

Garenin Black House Village, Isle of Lewis close to the Calanais Standing Stones.

West coast, Isle of Lewis

A pretty look at how Harris Tweed was made.

The islands have inspired many photographers. Here's one beautiful interpretation by Bruce Percy.


Gillie said...

Carol, you have to go! You owe it to the girls, lol!

PurestGreen said...

Exciting news! I have also not been to the Hebrides and would love to go. I hope you get to do all the sight seeing you desire while you're here.

Val said...

Very exciting news. Have you not visited for a while?

Mickie said...

Carol that is wonderful! I'm so glad for you and the scenery is BEAUTIFUL!!! just breathtaking! I know your girls will love this trip! Hugs, Mickie

PurestGreen said...

If you have time we are most certainly having tea when you are here. I know so many cafes! I'm bursting with glee. Happy planning!

Anonymous said...

Carol, I hope you manage to go there. For a perid, my husband used to go there very often with his fishing boat, - they delivered their catch in the village of Breasclet, which is right across the island from Stornoway, and not far from the standing stones at Callanish, if I remember correctly. I went there to visit once in 1980, when the boat was in the harbour for a few days unloading and making some repairs. I want to go back some day.
The people are very friendly, - my husband made quite a few friends there, and I still have got a piece of handwoven Harris tweed which one of the local weavers gave to him back then when he heard that his wife (me) used to sew.
Very fond memories :-)
I hope you get to go.