Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Blog of the Week - Summerland Cottage Studio

I am currently experiencing internet access issues at the computer I store photographs for my blogs. I tried using my mini pad to create postings but that was a bust.

While I have access come with me to visit Paulette Adams, the creative genius behind Summerland Cottage Studio http://summerlandcottagestudio.blogspot.com/ Paulette finds inspiration everywhere, particularly in nature, and then translates that to artwork that is delicate and beautiful to behold. I love the way she captures that in the photographs at her blog. From Paulette "I believe that creating beauty and harmony in all aspects of our daily living, feeds our souls, thereby enriching and fulfilling our hearts and lives."

Look at the flower vase in the photograph above and take a guess at how she created the roses............. Have you worked it out yet ........ let me give you a moment longer .............

She used 2" fabric strips ripped from an old cotton sheet covered in slip !!!!!! How brilliant is that. The fabric burns away in the firing process and you are left with delicate flowers to then glaze.

Another of Paulette's "ripped and dipped" pieces. This time using a cotton tee-shirt as the base.

Paulette does some very pretty water color painting. Here's one of my favorites which is based on a client's actual house.

I wonder if she has done anything with this photograph from the Hamlet at Versailles?

This multi talented lady also repurposes items. This jewelry travel case is now her ........... calligraphy supplies carrier !!! You will have to find out for yourself what she did with a small antique travel case :)

Shells show up a lot at Paulette's blog. They are used as inspiration for all kinds of interesting pieces of art.

While my blog was originally intended as a place for me to explore quilting and fabric art I'm of the opinion that inspiration comes from all sources and that we each should try out any kind of art work that makes us happy or intrigues us. (More on that in another posting.)
Paulette's thoughts on the same subject "I believe that if we don't break rules there would never be new art.".
And for those of you wanting to know if Paulette has ever quilted - the answer is "yes - crazy quilts back in the late 70's."

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Summerland Cottage Studio said...

A million thanks Carol,
for taking the time to visit my world
and sharing about it here.

I am deeply touched.

How I wish I was gifted with your writing talent !