Friday, October 30, 2009

Project up-date

The wall hanging for our front living room.
I'm still playing away. I'm doing some edge stitching round the "background " flowers and leaves in the center panel and adding in 3 dimensional leaves and flowers. Some are two pieces of fabrics sewn together, others padded. Still got a ways to go given all the fussy cutting and sewing small pieces together.
The picture shows the bottom right hand corner. I was originally going to do paisley swirls but decided that I like the leaves better.

And the winners are ......

Some family stuff has come up (good) so the drawing announcement will have to happen now.

By the very scientific method of assigning each person a number and having my kids pick one the winners are .......

Quilting giveaway - Dolores
Cross-stitch giveaway - Gloria H.
Teddy/bunny - Lola

So ladies congratulations. Send me your mailing addresses and I will send everything on their merry way.

Thanks everyone for joining in on my birthday week celebrations and Happy Halloween if you celebrate it :)

Thursday, October 29, 2009


The Thursday deadline giveaways are now closed. You still have time to enter the teddy/bunny one. All winners will be announced on Friday afternoon.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Birthday thanks

Thanks everyone for your birthday greetings. I had a good day.

My m-i-l decided to give me one of her sergers !!!!!!! I've been wanting one of my own for years. Now I can sew away on all the flannel I have for some service projects. Britain has been having postal strikes so my mother told me yesterday I will have to wait a while for their gift :)

I now have two new quilt books to drool over. "Next Steps in Altered Photo Artistry" by Beth Wheeler and "Dream Landscapes, Artful Quilts With Fast -Piece Applique" by Rose Hughes.

Said the teddy to the bunny ........

"Do you think she will let us join in too?"

For those of you who like the challenge of sewing designer "toys" greetings from 9" Rascal by Pam Holton and 32" Carrot Patch Posy by Kathi Campell.

If you are interested in these wonderful patterns (Posy comes with her own special buttons) leave a comment AT THIS POST ONLY by Friday morning (30th October 2009) and the drawing will be announced on Friday afternoon.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Do you like cross-stitch ?

Here's the next give-away :)
Leave a comment AT THIS POSTING ONLY by Thursday 29th and the winner will be announced on Friday.
The pattern features a lot of lovely quilt blocks and I will be including the floss (15 colors) for the main design.
I have to go drag my bleary eyed body over to the school and take care of some PTSO business.

Thursday - this giveaway is now closed. The winner will be announced on Friday afternoon.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Scots Corner - This is a test for my blogging 101 class

Woohoo it works !!!!!!!!

YouTube - what can you say. I found this lovely little piece about Scotland. Grab a favorite beverage and enjoy some lovely Scottish scenery set to music. Feel free to sing along :)

My birthday giveaway

Here's the "current" package :)
"Wall Quilts For All" by Chris Malone.
the 61/2" Easy Square Jr. by Sharon Hultgren
6 pieces of fabric, all color co-ordinated, comprising 3 fat quarters of sewing/spool fabric, 2 dotty fabrics less than fat quarter size, 1 black fabric greater than fat quarter size (all pre-washed).
All you have to do is leave a comment AT THIS POST ONLY by Thursday (29th October 2009) and I will announce the winner on Friday.
If quilting is not quite your "cup of tea" I am planning some other "gifty things but your going to have to come back and visit throughout this week :)

Thursday - This giveaway is now closed. The winner will be announced on Friday afternoon.

This is my birthday week

I am a (quiet) Scorpio Girl. I'm planning some fun things for this week including a giveaway.

Contrary to what my profile says I have NOT been blogging since April of last year. My hubbie started up a family blog and added me in as a contributor. At that point I had zero interest in blogging and did not read very many either.
Last summer I started taking some sewing and design classes and in October, as a birthday present to myself, I decided to set up a blog just to record my progress. Shortly thereafter our computer died so I did not get going seriously till November.
I have had an interesting year with my, now multiple, blogs (and yahooing groups.) I've learned a lot of interesting things about the different areas of embroidery/design/quilting/genealogy. I've visited a "gazillion" blogs and learned from each of them. Above all I've been able to interact with a lot of interesting people, some of whom have become friends.
I've stepped out of my comfort zone and participated in fundraiser events, swaps, on-line challenges, tutorials, classes and giveaways. It's been interesting.
Thanks to each of you who have visited during my first year. Thanks to those of you who have left comments.
I'm currently taking a blogging 101 class because while I have learned a lot about blogging over the past year there are areas I want to improve and others that I want to learn about properly.
So from this about to be birthday girl (Wednesday) have a great week. I'm off to take photographs for my giveaway and some other stuff :)

Friday, October 16, 2009

Thanks and project updates.

I've had a fun week reading the blogs and being inspired by the quilts and stories at the Bloggers Quilt Festival.  Thanks to everyone who swung by here and especially to those that left comments.
My own stitching has been small, literally.
I made my first ATC (Artist Trading Card) and sent it off to it's recipient. My little quilted Christmas trees are growing in number and I am putting together two tutorials for future use. I've also started a cross-stitch sampler that may end up having some quilting incorporated.
My kids are now on Fall Break so I will be taking a break from blogging till they go back to school.

I Am A Stitchers Angel 2009 - The Reveal

This has been a wonderful event to participate in. Thanks to Helen Stubbins who organized it and for the designers for sharing their talents. Follow the link on my side bar.

The theme was "Roses" but I also ended up with an underlying theme "Something old, something new, something borrowed and something ........ pink."

Pink - October is breast cancer awareness month and also my recipients favorite color.
Old - gift #2. A piece I stitched a few years ago but did not finish till this year.
Borrowed -  gift #1 the rose pattern Helen created
New - gift #3 the wall hanging using a quilting technique new to me.

So we were supposed to remain anonymous and I tried. I did not do the "set up a dummy e-mail address" thing. I just hung out at "Her" blog, which I would have done anyway since we have been following each other for months :)
I decided to send the gifts in 3 parts instead of one box. I used a mailing address from another state, Ohio to go with the wall hanging design, that was not mine (my m-i-l) but about blew it when I had to sign customs forms. I also had to try and "veil the truth" when I blogged about any of the items I was creating or left comments at the "other blog".

Okay enough of this. Who was the recipient. Micki at Irish Muses :) A wonderful lady from Philadelphia now residing in the 2nd loveliest spot on the planet - Ireland. (Scotland, of course, always comes first !!!!)

I do plan on making the projects featured in the sew-a-long but it will be in my own time and they will show up as surprises.

gift #1

Gift #1 - The pin holder. I used the stitch design Helen created for the event and designed a pin holder.
The background fabric is one of my favorites. It looks like water color roses
Along with my hand made gift I sent some batik fabric, thread and a seam presser.

gift #2

I love doing cross-stitch and this is one of my favorite pieces. I finished it earlier this year though the stitching was done a few years ago and had to be put to one side as I dealt with life events. I used a piece of the pink fabric on the back. I finished it with a ribbon loop so that it can be used either as a door knob hanger or a pincushion.

gift #3

Y'all saw this one last week.
The background dot fabric is one of my favorite pieces from my collection. I bought the pinks specifically for this project.
Along with the wall hanging I sent some rooster stuff, fabric and a very special card related to cancer awareness.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Local Life - The Ryman Auditorium

Nashville is the home of country music - at least that's what we like to think since we have the Grand Ol Opry show. (Downtown Nashville at night time can be funky, loud, and definitely musical.)
This is the building the Opry show was held in from 1943 -1974.
The Ryman was the brainchild of Captain Thomas G. Ryman. It was originally known as the Union Gospel Tabernacle (1892) and was used for religious revivals, operas and lectures. It was renamed the Ryman after the captain's death in 1904. Then in 1963 it became known as the Grand Ole Opry House. The building has been on the National Historic Register since 1971 and was named a National Historic Landmark in 2001. The building did suffer from some neglect for a while but in 2004 it was completely restored.
It's an interesting building to visit. The concert hall area is lovely with it's old dark wood bench seating and subdued lighting. You can feel the ambiance and almost here the music that has gone on within it's walls. You can take a peek back stage and wonder at whose footsteps you are walking in. Upstairs are revolving exhibits, the current one being "Johnny & June at the Ryman." They met backstage at the Ryman in 1956 and thus began what became one of the most enduring partnerships in country music history.
While the Ryman now quietly stands guard like a wise old grandpa over the younger generations of country music it still bursts forth on occasion as host to bluegrass festivals, funerals of departed musicians
and sell out concerts.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Gracie Jane Project

An interesting idea that is in it's infancy, so to speak, but one I have decided to participate in. Mini quilts for preemies.
Our youngest daughter had an unexpected, very traumatic, almost deadly start to life and spent her first two weeks in the neo-natal wing. The babies in there were amazing and such fighters. I was in awe of them and of the nurses who worked so diligently and carefully with them. Some wonderful volunteers came in regularly to do their jobs as "huggers and strokers." Even with all the drama and challenges going on the neo-natal was serene.
For more information go to or click on the link on my side-bar.
To see some of the quilts go to
I am going to send fabric to begin with then after all my Christmas projects are completed I plan on making some of these little 20"x20" quilts.
Barbara, I for one, wish you incredible success with this project.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Scots Corner -The Royal Yacht Britannia, Leith

Sometimes you see the most interesting things. This is one of the internal phones on The Royal Yacht Britannia. I love old phones, they have such character and ambience. If I had space at our house I would probably start a collection. Mmmmm. Maybe I should draw up a design for a wall hanging.
The exhibition leading up to the ship is fascinating and I highly recommend it. The self guided tour round the ship takes a while and gives a wonderful glimpse into what was a working royal yacht. Very different to a lot of the pomp and circumstance surrounding the land dwellings.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Flower of the week - Green Button Studio

I've been visiting all the blogs at the Bloggers Quilt Festival and am on design and color overload at the moment. Had to give up leaving comments because how many "WOWs" and "fabulouses" and "love it's"  and "great color combinations" can you type in any hourly session !!!!!! I'll get back to it later with my dictionary in tow :)

Any hoo. One that stood out for me was Green Button Studio. Love the simple designs and stitching. Giselle just started blogging in August so I guarantee she is fairly new to a lot of people. She is also fairly new to quilting AND designing and I for one think she is moving along brilliantly.

Giselle - Hancocks of Paducah have the color card in stock $15.00.

Since I could not find the flower I was looking for amongst my own photographs this one comes courtesy of

Friday, October 9, 2009

Bloggers Quilt Festival 9-16 October 2009

For a number of years I have been inspired by the book "Grandma's Best Full-Size Quilt Blocks - Pieces of the Past for Today's Quilter" by Better Homes and Gardens. I first saw the book in my mother-in-laws extensive quilt book collection and dropped hints like bricks to my DH for a copy. Lo and behold he got it for me, probably as a Christmas gift :)
On occasion I have made a few of the blocks. Recently I decided it was time to try making them all, which will take me a while because most of the blocks do not have patterns (see my side-bar). Having said that I have been able to find patterns for the more complex ones (for me anything that involves lots of triangles and curves.)
The plan is to make wall-hangings and the occasional sampler quilt.
The main block on this scrumptious wall hanging is called "Ohio Rose" and it's finish is an experiment. I am learning how to do three dimensional applique :) This is proving to be a whoooole lot of fun.
I totally loved making this project. It would look fabulous in my daughter's bedroom but I have very reluctantly parted with it already because it is a gift for someone else. Mmmmm, maybe I should make another one.
There is another more interesting part to this story but I cann't reveal it at the moment.
Any hoo dear people. Thanks for visiting, go grab a chair, a beverage of your choice, (maybe some pic-nic supplies) and click on Amy's parkcitygirl link in the sidebar. Then go do some fun blog hopping. You will not be disappointed.
Carol H.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

PIF winners

My son drew the names last night and the winners are Micki, Pojeda and Jade. Congratulations ladies. Please send me your mailing addresses and then PIF away at your blogs :)

I'll be back on Friday. I'm doing a lot of genealogy and PTSA related traveling this week and working on a project tutorial so I am taking a short break from blogging.
I'm in the process of cleaning out my side bar to open up more space. If I'm able to follow along on a blog it will be getting removed from the bar lists and you can access them through my profile section.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Project updates

It's been a busy week what with one thing and another. Finished up some gifts for exchanges and fundraisers and started a few new family related projects. I've also been busy with church and school activities so when I woke up this morning and realized it was Friday I was somewhat shocked at how quickly the time has passed. This weekend we have our, always fabulous, church General Conference and we are also house/dog sitting.
Don't forget to sign up for the PIF at Wednesday's post if you are interested.
My brand new (to me) design venture is to learn how to make ATC's. Any useful tips would be appreciated. The main thing I need to know is if the backs have to be made of card or if I can go the fabric route. All the fronts will be fabric.

Wall-hanging for our front living room

This is the project I started a couple of days ago. I'm making a wall-hanging for our front living room and wanted it to be somewhat subdued in color. This is the basic piece sewn up. Now I just have to add the extra details.
I have brown ribbon to add into the outside border and will wait till I have all my wee bits made before deciding how to quilt it.
Finished size - with the prairie points - is 191/2"x 221/2"

The extra details

The extra details are being made out of the companion fabric to the center block and a piece left over from the center. Lots of fussy cutting and careful sewing to make them three dimensional.

Bottom corner

This is one of the ideas I am working on for the bottom right hand corner. I'm going to wait till I've made all the little pieces before I sew anything down. I want to play with everything for a few days :)

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Local Life - Catfish Out of Water 2003

In 2003 Nashville had a very fun event called "Catfish Out of Water". 51 7ft. long catfish were decorated by local artists, organizations etc. and displayed throughout Nashville. They were then auctioned off to raise funds for the local greenways and river parks.
We had so much fun that year driving and walking around trying to spot catfish. I don't think we found all 51 but we came fairly close.
Some of them can still be found around town and this one is "Classic Black" sponsored by Vanderbilt University. It's looking a bit worse for wear now because it is still outside. To see photos of all the fish go to
As for the wee fellow in front that was a project John was involved in. He is a member of the NXTMindstorms group and the wee man is on a world tour. When he came to visit us John and Juliet took him out on the town. See