Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Monday, June 29, 2009

Spring Bloom Mini Quilt Exchange 2009

I am a happy camper.

My son brought in the mail a few minutes ago and there was a wonderful wall hanging from Ariane K. I'll post pictures tomorrow but in the meantime check out her blog http://arianescrafts.blogspot.com/ to see what it looks like.

Thanks Ariane, it's gorgeous and today also happens to be my daughter's birthday :)

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Tennessee mush :)

Well it looks like it is finally here. Middle Tennessee summer where the humidity turns the brain to mush and mine has been like that for the past week. Sewing and creativity has been nil. It was 104 inside the van when we got out of church this afternoon. DD#2 got into town at about midnight last night from Utah and was about melting this morning.

The dogs are blowing their coats so plenty of "exercise" picking up LOTS of hair from any floor they happen to walk across. Two "eskies" (Lucy's brother is visiting for a few days) is a lot of hair :) I'm collecting some in a bag just out of curiosity. They are currently flaked out on the family room floor.

I have some fabric postcards going out this week so I will post pictures soon. Story behind some of them will be told at that point.

In the meantime - Happy Father's Day to those of you celebrating it. Hope you all have had a fabulous day.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Postcard Pizzazz - At The Water's Edge

This is the most recent postcard swap I've participated in.
Top left - Erma did a pieced yachting scene. Some of the fabric pieces are minute.
Top right - my card (just before a major wave hits)
bottom - Brenda sent a"little taste"of her part of the country.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Nashville Past and Present

Since I won't be doing much quilting over the summer months I thought it might be fun to revert back to my blog title "ascotintennessee" and spotlight some of the areas surrounding where I live.

A good general start off point belongs to Betsy Thorpe. She has a blog entitled http://nashvillepastandpresent.blogspot.com/ (Click on the link in my side bar)
It has a really good mix of history and what's happening in the community currently. 

One of the upcoming events is A Tour of Nashville's Community Gardens on June 13th. 

A really fun activity on the 12th is the Full Moon Pickin' Party sponsored by Friends of Warner Parks. Bluegrass under the full moon with jam sessions and lots of good food. More info at www.friendsofwarnerparks.com

Finally - the CMA Music Festival is this week 11-14th. Expect downtown to be congested and watch out for changes to traffic flows. The opening parade is tomorrow.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Sewing for pioneer trek

My two youngest are going on a pioneer style trek next week. They have to wear clothing "in the style" of early pioneers so my sewing machine has been busy. We made a bonnet and apron using Simplicity pattern #3723. One of my other daughters used the same pattern a few years ago to make a pioneer style dress for a school project.

We visited the thrift store and got two large men's shirts which I adapted using a pattern one of my friends found on-line and a pretty long dress which I made a skirt from. The dress would have been great as was but it was a bit too tight across the bodice for Kris hence the change to a skirt.

What's left to do? Another skirt or dress, a blouse or two, two pairs of pants and suspenders. We are going thrift store shopping again tomorrow to see what we can find to adapt.