Monday, January 31, 2011


One World One Heart 2011 has started This will be the 5th and final year of this world wide blog hop - get to know other crafters/artists event. Thanks to Lisa Swifka for being the heart, soul and organizer.
I am participating at my hand stitching blog All the participants have door prizes so after visiting me hop on over to the other sites. There will be a lot of them over the next couple of weeks. If you want to participate there are details at Lisa's blog.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Colourful Friday - Favorite Colors

One of my favorite colors is not really a "color" ......... CREAM. It goes with almost anything and does not look harsh like white can. It can look modern or antique, sophisticated or rustic, vibrate or subdued, all depending upon which direction you take it and what colors you pair it with.

This is one of the wall hangings I hope to get completed this year. The blocks are from a 4th of July themed swap I participated in a few years ago. I have more of them but really liked these four together. I confess the blocks lay to one side for more time that I want to confess too and then once the middle section was sewn together I still did not know what direction I wanted to take them in. The cream border was added last year and will also be on the back.
Navy blue also appeals to me. I wore it a lot growing up and in my early adulthood.
So if you want to participate in Colorful Fridays or just visit the other participants hop on over to This year we will be sharing every other week instead of weekly. Next time round we will be doing Valentines colors :)

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Postcard Pizzazz - Back in the swing of things

I'm finally back to making and swapping fabric postcards again. For the time being I am going to do 1to1 straight swaps.

For PP#147 this is what I sent to Pam C.

And this is what she sent to me.

A few weeks ago I received a surprise package of Oriental looking fabric from Australia. I've decided to use some of it for my postcards.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Remodeling Round our Fireplace

We've been casually talking, on and off, for years about doing shelf/cupboard built ins around our family room fireplace. We have had a number of ideas but have been concerned about to how to accomplish them. (Not wanting to drill holes in the brick).
Today I think I found something on-line that might just work :)
This site is actually a great place to go for lots of other ideas. I really like the fact that real world remodels are used showing the before, through, and after process. The 5 R's also prevail ... which is always good :)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Civil War Sesquicentennial - block of the week

I mentioned a few weeks ago that this year is the sesquicentennial and that I might try something out of my comfort zone. Well here's an interesting blog written by the ever wonderful Barbara Backman.
Each week there will be a free 8" block pattern posted and a story related to the people who lived during the Civil War. It all looks very interesting so far. So if you have an interest in quilts from that era (or just want to read the history) this may well be the blog to watch (and participate in.)
Blocks so far -
Catch Me If You Can
North Star
Seven Sisters

Example of "Catch Me If You Can" block found at  Civil War Quilts. If you complete all the blocks and try the suggested layout you will have a 72"x82" quilt to add borders too.
Mmmmmm - I think I see a "spend some of my Christmas money on repro fabrics" visit to Franklin in my future.

Monday, January 17, 2011

A Gift From Mrs. Moen

I won one of Mrs. Moen's recent giveaways - The Napkin Challenge. "Nisse's Got a Girlfriend II" showed up in the mail on Saturday evening. I think it is gorgeous and will look good hanging in our family room or front living room. There was also a cute little bar of Norwegian chocolate in the package. Needless to say that gotten eaten by my kids and I almost immediately :)
Thanks Nina Lise.
I did a blog feature on Nina Lise a while ago because I really like her designs. For those of you that have never been to her blog I highly recommend a visit.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Creative Prompt Project - #101 - Pink

QLD Flood Appeal Auctions Toni at Make It Perfect is coordinating this auction that's on Monday (some blogs are already taking bids). I have friends and relatives that live in, or close too, the flooded areas. Safe, thankfully.
The devastation there makes the flood we had here last May look minor in comparison.
If you want to help in other ways visit Robyn at for a list. (14th January entry)
Also The Gumtree Designers are gathering items for "New Beginnings" sewing kits (11 January entry). Items need to be to them BY the first week in February.

Friday, January 7, 2011

It's an Interior Thing - A Bowl Full of Lemons Challenge

Toni at A Bowl Full of Lemons has organized a New Year "lets get organized" style challenge. It's on day 6 (organizing your dresser drawers) but could be done at any time IMHO :-) Once the hubster wakes up I will tackle mine.
So far she has challenged her readers to organize :-)
1. junk drawer - I have one beside the phone full to the brim of papers. It gets cleaned out maybe 2 times per year.
2. computer desk - well that took me all of 5 minutes to fix and most of that was trying to untangle two sets of earphones my kids use.
3 Tupperware cabinet - always organized because they have my baking supplies in them.
4. Linen closet - definitely needs tidied up.
5. Under kitchen sink -  maybe some storage baskets would be useful.
If you want to participate, or just enjoy some before and after photos, hop on over to
My thinking is if I get myself organized around the house again it might get me moving along with finishing all the wall hangings I started last year.

The big event for today here though is .... drum roll please ....... our new family room couches are being delivered. Yeah verily we finally found something we liked enough to buy. The hubster and the songbird (DD#1) are going to demolish our old ratty couch and just because I am a softy at heart we are holding on to at least one cushion for Lucy to continue using.
On the stitching front I have done nothing quilty except download and commit to making a design, albeit smaller, from Susan Brubaker Knapp at It's a freebie and there's also a giveaway.
I'm also starting back into making fabric postcards. (My wee break from that turned into almost a year.) Now that's embarrassing because I love making them.
Aaargh it looks like I am out of photo storage space for my blog. Now that's not good :-(