Saturday, September 14, 2013

Family changes

Life here has been somewhat busy. We now have a new son-in-law !!!!!! Darling daughter #2 got married out in Utah on 1st. August at Mount Timpanogos. We only had a few weeks to help organize everything here, and there. Long distance weddings are definitely something else to arrange but everything went well. 
Darling son has now moved out and is attending MTSU,  about an hour away from us. He likes being there. I will feel a bit conflicted when they play BYU soon since two of our daughters graduated from there :)
Our oldest daughter returned from her church mission at the end of March and is gradually getting settled in to her job, church and volunteer activities. She is applying for post-grad in speech pathology which is not easy to get into since most universities have only a few spots available.