Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Stashbusters Spring Postcard Swap

These are the fabric postcards I sent out recently.
I was contemplating lily pads at the time and ended up with these !!!!!!
The group is getting ready for it's summer swap but I think I'll skip it and stick with the color wheel year long that is happening with Postcard Pizzazz. Which reminds me - I have two cards to make for that one. Tertiary, mmmmmm, what can I come up with for that.


Lula said...

very pretty carol

Micki said...

You will be busy making postcards. How nice that one is, and it all sounds like great fun!

nweames said...

What a great idea! So pretty.

Carol said...

Thanks ladies.

I really enjoy making fabric postcards. I wish I had "discovered" them years ago :)

Piwacket said...

Aren't those neat! How do you find the time to do everything you do, and do it with such quality?! I'm sure the recipient will feel very fortunate indeed.

Carol said...

Thanks Pi. You are such a sweet "kitty".

I sign up for postcard swaps about once a month and play with my fabrics till inspiration hits :)

As for the wall hangings. I sewed some tops (flimsies)together last year and am spending this year quilting them.