Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Thread Society - self portrait results

Diane and Beth came up with some fun titles for the sections so here are the winners for each. Everyone from the group had the opportunity to vote.

I would like to know the person shown - 3 way tie - Beth W., Candy CB., Ann M.
Portrait I wish I had done - Linda W.
Most original - Linda W.
Best use of everything but the kitchen sink - Catherine E.
Most realistic - Carol H.
Best use of color - Cheri S.
Best use of thread - Carol H. ( to say I am shocked would be an understatement)
Made me think the most - Ann M.
Most likely to hang in an art gallery - Linda W.
Makes me laugh - Linda W.
Green with envy - Killpike

Happy birthday month to Diane and Beth :) Diane (and her DH) have been sick with the flu and Beth has spent a good chunk of the time at the hospital with her mother. 

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