Friday, July 3, 2009

I have joined the legions :0

I have been getting a bit bored with "the look" of my blogs so today I bit the bullet and played for a while at the cutest blog site.

Since the US gets patriotic at this time of year I'm going with that theme for a while. I like what I picked out but now I think it all overpowers my projects :)

Mmmmm where's that picture of my patriotic quilt banner........

A piece of civil war trivia. Did you know that one of the main battles was fought almost entirely by Scots on both side. In the end a lot of Scots on the losing side fled to Canada and either stayed there or returned when it was safe to do so.


e4e823l said...

Carol, The Fourth is supposed to be spectacular, loud in glorious sounds of patriotic music and fire works. Pride in our great country should also be shown. I think your blog decorations exemplfy all of that. I like it! Semmy
Happy Independence Day!

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Beautiful transformation :-) I've been thinking about dressing up my blog too!

Carol said...

Thank you ladies. I had fun trying out different layouts.