Friday, July 10, 2009

Postcard Pizzazz - Complementary Colors exchange

Well it looks like the photos are loading sideways ..... again ..... so tilt your head to the left to get the proper perspective :)

Trudy S - red/green with frogs
Pam N - red/green diagonal stripes
Claire C - orange/blue quilt blocks
mine - purple/yellow (pastel) flower

I've gotten 3 from Claire so far and she has a definite theme going on. I'm enjoying all the cards I've been receiving. It's been interesting seeing how everyone interpretes the colors.

Totally different subject. Elisabeth is sewing away. She is using some of Juliet's left over prom fabric to make a skirt (New Look 6345). She received the summer dress a friend made for her. It was a bit big so she spent yesterday fixing that.

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