Saturday, July 18, 2009


Be still my beating heart I just ran across a fairly new blog about Scotland with fabulous photographs so if you want a taste of some of the places I have lived and/or visited when I was growing up go take a gander. My home town castle and local cemetery are featured !!!!!!

There's a giveaway running till tomorrow for a recipe book. Needless to say I have entered. It would make for great reading on the plane ride home :)

One more day to go before our flight so we have to do the mundane stuff like clean bathrooms, the kitchen and finish packing, once the "wee laddie" gets home from scout camp. Then we hand over our keys to our house/dog sitter and one of the neighbors. I am sooooo looking forward to visiting with my assorted homeland family members and touring amongst all the fabulous scenery and historic sites.

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Micki said...

Thanks for the links. She has a lovely blog!