Wednesday, August 12, 2009

We are back :)

We got back Monday night from our vacation to Britain. We had a great time and worked out we covered close to 3,000 miles during the 3 weeks we were there. Visited lots of historical places and a few beaches. Drove through, and stopped off at, some fabulous scenery. Enjoyed time with family and visited some old friends.

Now we just have to get past the jet lag, it's 4.00 a.m. here 10 a.m. there, and Nik and I are wide awake and eating cereal. We also have to readjust to the heat and humidity.

I've been blogging about our vacation at our family site and will put up our week 3 overview some time today or tomorrow.

Quilting news. I'm participating in a signature block exchange with the Lady of Steeles Hand Embroidery group. There are 26 participants. I took my drawn up blocks with me on vacation and finished the design element on about 12 of them. I would have gotten more done but for some reason I kept getting distracted by beautiful scenery :)

It appears that I am participating in "I Am A Stitchers Angel 2009". Before going on vacation I tried sending an e-mail to sign up but was having internet issues so never knew if it got there or not. So I read my e-mail today and I have been assigned a secret partner. Wouldn't you know it she lives not too far from one of the places we visited on our vacation !!!!!!! The theme is "Roses" and we have to send at least 3 hand made items over a period of 7 weeks. Fun. Fun. Fun.

While I was gone on vacation I got a nice surprise from Micki at Irish Muses. I'll do a separate posting about that once I have my "pass the award along" list put together :)

Kris and Nik start back at school on Friday so we have a short period of time to get everything together for them. Juliet and Elisabeth have one more week with us before heading back to university. After that I will be hustling to get some of my swaps finished and Christmas gifts put together.


Shirley said...

I am happy that you had a wonderful trip. I envied you. We had a wonderful trip to Scotland a few
years ago. I want to thank you for the lovely postcards in honor of my son -- they are just lovely and so much appreciated. Relax and enjoy being home in Tennessee! Shirley

Micki said...

Welcome back! i am in the angel swap too, so I am excited.