Thursday, August 27, 2009

Local Life - Red Caboose Park

We live in Bellevue, which is about 12 miles south west of downtown Nashville.
We love our park. It is set on a small hill and is used a lot by people of all ages.
There is a walking path all the way round and if you don't feel like tackling the slopes you can use the flat track at the middle school across the street.
Next to the park we have our community center which is housed in what was part of the old Bellevue high school. Right next door to that we have a building that houses the library and fire department. There are plans to build a new library within the defunct Bellevue Mall when it gets re-built.


nweames said...

I loved this park! So miss it.

Carol said...

Once the weather cools down I'll be walking Lucy round it on a regular basis.