Friday, August 28, 2009

Project update - my sewing room and wall hanging

I decided to rearrange my sewing room and it feels so much more spacious. I now have decent floor space for laying projects out. The table in front of the window can fold up and be stored in the basement when I don't need to use it but I have a feeling it may stay. It was a gift from a friend who was moving. Lucy likes to sit under there and look out of the window.
I still have to finish putting peg boards and projects up on the walls and I plan on making a felt hanging wall for the long bookcase to use when I want to look at my blocks in progress.
The bed is still in the room and John and the kids like to lie on it and chat if I am working away on a project :)
With our corner unit now back in the corner I can sew away without Lucy lying across my feet and the sewing machine pedal, as she was prone to do. She is happy to sprawl across the floor :)
I was going to show you progress pictures of the wall hanging I am working on for I am a Stitchers Angel but all of a sudden blogger uploading went screwy on me and none of them would go right way up. Aaaaaaaaaargh. Maybe next week. The background is finished and I have decided to makes the leaves, bird wing and some mini poppies 3 dimensional.


Micki said...

Your sewing room looks wonderful...It is very spacious!
Great job!

Carol said...

Thanks Micki. I am enjoying working in there.