Monday, August 31, 2009

Blog Hop - Kris's Color Stripes

I've decided to give a flower to the owner of the blog I highlight each Monday. The photograph was taken by moi :)
I've been following Kris's blog(s) for a while now and I love the simplicity of the layout. Almost every day she tries to share a photograph of some kind of object which she breaks down into colors, hence the stripes. She calls it her color diary. Today she is breaking down some lovely old floor tiles.
Fabulous way to train your eye. Some of her ideas would make great textiles/quilts.
Kris is from Italy and in the fashion design industry. When she travels she shares some of the designs and colors from the places she visits.
She has another totally fun blog about one of her collections. She creates boats out of odds and ends. You gotta take a look.


kris said...

Thank you Carol,I love the flower!!!

Micki said...

The flower was a lovely gift!

Carol said...

Glad you love the flower Kris. You have lovely blogs.

Thanks Micki.

Anonymous said...

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