Monday, August 24, 2009

Changes are afoot and Blog Hop

A while back I mentioned I was going to change how I do my blog. Now that school is back in lets get started and we shall see how long I can stick with the following :)

Here's what I'm thinking
Monday - Blog Hop
Tuesday - Scots Corner
Wednesday - 'tis a gift
Thursday - Local Life
Friday - Project wrap-up

I plan on up-dating my cross-stitch, genealogy and family blogs once a week.

Blog Hop
I enjoy the comments I receive at my blogs and tend to go blog hopping from there i.e visit the writers and see what blogs interest them. On Sunday's I surf for a little while as we watch some T.V. The blogs I highlight may not always be related to quilting but if it has something I go "oooh" at I will share :)

So let's begin.
Elizabeth is a mixed media artist from Virginia, USA and has some really interesting projects going on. I did not get permission from her yet to show a picture or two so go check out her embellished cuffs and dying projects. She has a washing line (I am soooo envious) and I loooooove the close-up pictures of a butterfly. She has an Etsy store called Elizajean. The flower cards are very pretty.

My darling doggie got into something on Saturday so I am off to give her a bath. Then it's time to tackle cleaning up my sewing room/guest room and get started on the wall hanging for "In The Good "Ol Summertime." If I have time I plan on making a little gift to send off to my secret partner in the Angel project. All of this before 2.00 p.m. so I can get tidied up for Kris and Nik getting home from school. They start at 7.05 and finish at 2.05. I take them in the mornings because of early morning Seminary classes and they get the bus home.

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