Thursday, August 27, 2009

Most people takes photographs from the front of the park. This one shows part of the park looking down from the old cabin. We are definately a blessed community to have this small but much loved area in our midst.

In May we have our annual community picnic and the place is full of vendors, music, food and people. We also have an annual Easter Egg Hunt which the younger kids love.

There is an inscription up front that reads "If we build it they will come." We are one of the many families "that came". When we outgrew our apartment and looked for a house to buy we ended up making one of our shorter moves - from one side of the middle school to the other :)

Our town has seen much growth since we moved here. A lot of the houses with acreage are now gone. Housing communities, condos, town houses, and apartments along with new shopping areas and businesses have taken their place. Having said that there is still a country type feel to the area, especially on the south side.

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