Thursday, December 10, 2009

Local Life - our state Capitol building

I like our state Capitol building. I've gone on a couple of school field trips as a chaperone and had a fun time. The tour guides show and tell the kids all kinds of fun stuff that probably would not be readily apparent on a self guided tour.
It is quite rightly on the National Historic Landmark list and is one of the best Greek Revival buildings in the USA.
There's bodies buried in the walls !!! Specifically the architect William Strickland who died before the building was completed (It took 14 years to build.) and Samuel Morgan who oversaw the construction of the building. Stories abound that these two gentlemen haunt the building and have been heard to fight each other !!!!!
The tomb of President James K. Polk is on the grounds.
The building turned 150 years old in October and sits atop the highest hill in Nashville.
Free tours are Monday through Friday 9a.m. to 3 p.m. and well worth the visit. Farmers Market is just down the hill and would be a great place to go for lunch and pick up fresh supplies for dinner :) It's a bit of a hike down the steps but there's lots to see when you get down there.


A Brit in Tennessee said...

it is indeed a classy and beautiful building.
Thanks for the introduction again, I may try and visit over the Christmas holidays.
We also had a beautiful State Christmas tree up until yesterday, and then the winds decided it was time to bring it crashing to earth ;(
I received my Scottish shortbread today, not sure if it will make it until Christams though ;)

Micki said...

That really is an impressive building. Thanks for sharing the pics! It was all so interesting!

Sally Gould Wright said...

I see you've become a follower of my blog -so thank you very much! Coincidentally our son is a college student in Nashville - at Belmont University - and we've enjoyed visiting him there. Quite a change from California, but very beautiful especially in October....