Thursday, December 17, 2009

Scots Corner - A Scottish Icon

Can a person become an Icon? I think so.
When I was at college one of our field trips was to the Hill House in Helensburgh. Designed by the remarkable architect/artist Charles Rennie MacIntosh and his wife Margaret McDonald it proved to be a very thought provoking visit. Quite a stark looking building with a delightful interior. I would advise visiting on a sunny day so that you can appreciate the beauty of the view.
Like many other talented Scotsmen, Charles was not hugely appreciated in his homeland until well after his death. His economy of style and delicate designs put him well ahead of the mainstream and in some ways still does. is a fabulous site totally dedicated to his genius. The Cranston Tea room video is delightful and the presenters obviously appreciate the building and design ethic. His most famous building in Glasgow is the school of art which is well worth a visit.

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