Friday, December 4, 2009

Project update - Fall Quilt Swap and Friendship signature blocks

Life is not all about Christmas projects. I'm working away on two swaps that are due in January.

The photo shows the start to my wall hanging for the Fall Quilt Swap. It's a variation on a disappearing nine-patch. I am planning on adding some applique.

The other big project is 24 blocks for a friendship swap. Most of that is done but I have to finish embroidering my name and state onto them which will take a wee bit of time.

Saturday - Debi asked for the start off pattern for my variation on the disappearing 9 patch.
Use two different fabrics one multi directional pattern and one plain. Cut 61/2" blocks 5 patterned and 4 plain.
Sew up as for a regular nine patch block.
ADD 21/2" borders with 21/2" cornerstone blocks.
Cut down middle of finished block in both directions.
Rotate the 4 new blocks into a design of your own choosing.
Since posting my start off picture I've done another arrangement that I like better.


debi said...

hello, I don't suppose you could tell me how you did the different disappearing 9 patch could you - it might just be the pattern to suit some material for my daughter's quilt. regards Debi

Carol said...

Hi Debi. I need your e-mail address to send you teh details.

debi said...

Hi Carol, it is thanks

debi said...

thanks for that Carol