Wednesday, April 28, 2010

It's an Interior Thing - head in the toilet .........

That's how I'm feeling this morning. What can I say I get migraines. Yuck.

So like many people with middle aged homes (ours was built in the 1960's) there comes a time when bathroom re-modeling has to be considered and we are at that point. Our main bathroom measure a hefty 6ftishx10ft and is split in half by a wall and doorway. Hides the pipe work to the shower/bath but I'm trying to talk hubbie into moving the bath to another wall so we don't see the toilet from the door. Our "master" bath would make a great closet :) To be honest I'm not converted to having a master bath in the bedroom. Not very romantic !!!!!!
I've been looking at all kinds of designs and getting ideas. I like our main bathroom sink area. It just needs updated. I do not like all the floor tiling - too slippery when wet, which is something to be taken into consideration for those of us who are "over the hill" age wise :) On the counter the grout catches every piece of grime imaginable.

I like "This Old House" and used to be a regular watcher till it got way to expensive with the reno's. Having said that they do have a video called "Trends in Bathroom Design" which I found interesting.,,1632345,00.html

To quote directly from You know it's time for a bathroom remodel when everything starts leaning in the wrong direction :)

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Micki said...

That is totally amazing! It is just so interesting!