Friday, April 16, 2010

Project updates ..... not so much ......... but

The International Quilt Festival starts today in Chicago. Next year it moves to Cincinnati !!!!!!!!
Woohoo :)

I have been busy this week with lots of projects just not much in the way of quilting. Stripping wooden shutters, transplanting plants & weeding, a ton of genealogy, cross stitch, PTSO stuff.  Hubbie is out of town so I'm also doing some of his things for him. Plus DD#3 is going to a prom. I thought it was next week but it is TOMORROW so yesterday we went shopping and lucked out big time at our first store. Yeah Sears :)
I have a stack of finished quilt blocks and some other, almost completed, projects that I've been looking at this week. They all need worked on but my problem at the moment is which one do I want to do first...... Aaaaaaargh. It's just fabric, it should not be that difficult !!!!!!!! I think I need to do some applique on some of them that ALWAYS gets me motivated :)
I borrowed one of my favorite applique books from the library AGAIN. I really need to break down and buy my own copy. "Basic Quilting Techniques for Hand Applique" by Mimi Dietrich.

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Cynthia said...

I feel the same way. I have some big quilts to do by the end of June. Yet not a lot of progress being made. One at a time right?!