Thursday, April 15, 2010

Local Life - Capture Music City

A few years ago there was a big event. Lots of people were to send in photographs to The Tennessean of what they thought represented Nashville and then a public vote was done. The most popular ones (and a few others) were published in a great book, which I happened to find at the library this week :) Thousands of photographs were submitted and I remember at one point seeing a montage done of many of them. It was quite striking.
There's a CD with the book that I am looking forward to viewing.

The front cover (Union Station) is by the grand prize winner Josh Hunter.
My favorites from the book are -
Art Teacher Hands
Bathtime ... Rural Style
Mr Fox's Paper Hat
Looking Back
Tree Fungi
Hoop Dancing
Ready For War
Snow Whirl
Quiet, Listen!
Pipe Organ
Wrigley the Pug (my absolute favorite which surprised me greatly)
Wind-blown Doggy With Shades
Rachel's Garden Path
Stained Glass Barn
Parthenon Pillars
The Carillons
Cumberland Presbyterian Church (stained glass window)
May Your Christmas Be Bright

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