Saturday, February 5, 2011

Aaargh I feel like such a failure :)

Not really ..... well maybe yes, just a teeny weeny bit ..... but I am frustrated with my lack of quilting ambition at the moment.
I had committed myself to making a smaller version of the "Leaves of Green" quilt by Susan Brubaker Knapp (give that lady some hugs ... her mom died a few days ago). My goal was this week-end. Not happening.
So I got my first 4 blocks cut out and sewn and went ...... yuck ..... my daughter went ... yuck also BECAUSE they did not work out with the very pretty patterned fabric I had chosen to sew with them :( So back to the drawing board and the realization that I really do need to make this a scrappy leaf quilt for it to work AND buy some blue fabric for the background AND make it bigger than I was going too AND so on and so forth.

As for the practice blocks .... they are going "on point" and will be made into either little cushions or a Christmas wallhanging. Don't expect to see anything soon because I am going to do some embroidery on them and that takes me forever and a day to get accomplished. The burgundy red fabric in the background is going to show up in the re-arranged project somewhere.
So the hubster and darling son are off to "Home Depot" to spend more money :) Some big manly tools have being showing up in the house the past few days ... (maybe we should turn the garage into a workshop.) in preperation for our fireplace project.
 The hole in our bathroom ceiling is now closed up and the hole in the wall is about to be, which means ......... I will probably be painting some time next week. Hopefully our hot water heater will be fixed by then because I always get paint on my body somewhere and the thought of a frigid cold shower is not appealing to my delicate Scottish body.
I'm about to do another fabric postcard swap and this time the recipient actually lives within 15 minutes driving distance. Maybe I will show up on her doorstep with it.
Enough of my rare Saturday ramblings. I'm off to eat lunch, do some more visits at OWOH2011 and finish up some prep work for teaching a genealogy class.

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Debbie said...

Your blocks are beautiful work--put them on the back or turn them into a label for the quilt. Just re-think this project and make it say you. Background could be more of a dusty green or rose and really be beautiful. You are not a failure, you are just like the rest of us....trying!