Monday, February 21, 2011

Blog of the week - Karanan

I absolutely love the photographs and projects in this blog. This artist of whimsy and quiet beauty hails from Finland. I showed the blog to my daughter and she went "oooooh, how interesting ..... I like that one." She likes the dragonfly, I like the snail :)

There's whimsical people by the bucket load celebrating all kinds of activities.

And since I am in the mood for making hearts I had to show you this one :)

There are fun loving animals.

And what self respecting artist/crafter does not have a "quality control" expert in their midst.

To those of you from Northern Europe I apologize for not having the ..'s and o's above the a's. I know there's a way to do it but I have not worked it out yet.
Anyway ....... fabulous blog, great projects of excellent quality, a delight to visit. Enjoy. And if you are a Tilda fan K. has lots of links to go oooh and aaah at :)

Addendum - Oh please excuse my foggy brain the link is (Thanks Elaine for spotting that).
Also if you want to see how I am re-arranging my sewing/craft room hop on over to


Elaine said...

Her stuff looks great! Can you put a link to her blog? Thanks.

Val said...

Great site. The snail is definitely my favourite. But the birds are nice too. Thanks.

Cheryll said...

Thanks for the interesting post... I'll be sure to go visit the linked blogs too. Good luck with re-arranging your space.:)