Friday, February 25, 2011

Colourful Fridays - Black & White

There's so much black and white at our house it was hard to pick out just a few items for my "one shot wonder" :) And just a wee bit of color crept in there.

So let me give you a list (just for a change).
1. lace drapes bought from a thrift store (they hang at a number of our windows.)
2. black & white music folder (belongs to my oldest daughter)
3. caricature of me drawn by a friend when we were both at the Edinburgh Festival in the 1970's
4. one of my black ink sketches of a flower (usually sits in my craft/sewing room).
5. a hand cranked emergency lantern (from my youngest daughter's bedroom.)
6. ladle from the kitchen with a wee candle in it.
7. black sequined evening purse (a gift from my parents.)
6. black and white ceramic Scottish dogs (usually sit on our mantlepiece.)
7. A Love mug :)
8. yoyo
9. cell phone
10. penguin (a gift)
11. Old Bible
12. Snowball candle (from the main bathroom)
13. Fabric postcards (received in swaps)
14. Pandigital - a christmas gift.
15. alphabet beads
16. velvet skirt
17. Marble pieces from the Nashville Temple given as a gift after the dedication.
18. Lipstick

Hop on over to to see what everyone else found around their homes. Look who showed up to visit Robyn :) Party on dudes !!!


Rebecka said...

What great photos! You do have a lot of black and white. Thanks for sharing!!

Karen said...

Hello Carol. It really is surprising how much we do have that is black and white. I am amazed at how many things you were able to fit into one shot! Great collection!

Robyn G. said...

Grinning at you Carol!!
What a fun post :-)
Love all your B&W... wasn't it a fun theme this time?
I especially like your beautiful daisy ink sletch and your caricature...
Plenty of B&W to be found at your place. Such fun!!
Happy Colourful Friday Carol xx

Pam said...

Love your B&W shots....Have a great weekend!! Pam

Mickie said...

Love the Black and white, it really makes you think about design, texture and pattern. Loved the Calvin and Hobbes too :)
Very excited to be one of you PIF gals!!! Hope it is warm where you are (we are expecting snow tomorrow).
Hugs, Mickie

Narelle said...

A great photo ... lovely collection of black and whites.

teresa said...

Wow, I love all your B & W stuff and the way you photographed them all together. Looks amazing!

Seams Sew Together said...

Big Collection! you do have a lot of Black and White in your house.
Mandy :)