Thursday, November 20, 2008

Cross Stitch Corner - Just for a change - cross stitch

Our darling doggie took me for a walk this morning. Seriously she did :) She was none too thrilled when I cut it short. My ears were aching from the cold. Muffs were in my other jacket which was not much use.

When we got home I finally dragged out all my cross stitch projects and took photographs of the WIP's. A number of them just need outline stitch done which should not take too long. I knew I had a lot of projects (including my tapestry stuff) but 2 drawers full !!!!! Good grief. Enough to keep me busy for a loooong time.

Got to go. It's my turn to use the WII :) then we have to work out what we are going to do for our beloved son's birthday.

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