Thursday, November 27, 2008

Slooooooower than trying to walk through molasses

The internet access in this part of breezy Ohio is slower than trying to walk through molassess. No I have not physically tried it but it certainly created a good brain image :) I've about completed a small tapestry while waiting to read me e-mail over the past few days and have decided that some of the broohaha ones are going to have to wait till I get home for a response. I'm dedicated to celebrating Thanksgiving and the fun, froth and joy that can surround that event.

Another slower than molasses moment came when DD#3 and I were dropped of at Michaels so that DH could go to Circuit City. It was only supposed to be for about a half hour but we got into the yarn section and my daughter decided she wanted to buy some for a scarf. I swear the child looked at every single color and finish on the shelves and eventually we came out with 2 balls of variegated brown :) I threatend to package them up for Christmas but she would have none of it. I snuck in some fat quarters for a wall hanging for my sewing room (what can I say they have sewing machines printed on them !!!!) Please don't anyone tell the ladies at Dusting Your Stash or I will be in deeeeep trouble.

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Lian said...

Stopping by here from the Nursery yahoo group. Congratulations on your new calling. Me too was recently called to nursery but there are only 2 kids. One of them is my son. Hahahah. Well, your quilts look lovely. Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving. If you can, stop by my Christmas Gifts shop I set up for my children's sake.