Monday, December 1, 2008

Miniature Art and the master creator

For most of my life I have been fascinated by any form of miniature artwork - model houses and furniture, portraiture, watercolor landscapes, quilts,  etc. etc. etc.  How did I develop this interest ? My mother. When I was a child she would drag me round all kinds of antique places looking at furniture, textiles, jewelry etc. She has a brilliant eye for detail and while I may not have always appreciated it at the time I did learn from her passion. She has furnished a Victorian style miniature house over a period of years that I would love to transport over here. My parents Victorian stone villa is not too shabby either. We used to joke as children that mother had a paintbrush for a third arm :)

The master creator of anything miniature is of course God. Nature is the absolute inspiration for any art form. I am just in awe at His attention to detail and love to stroll slowly with my dog or go for drives and admire His handiwork. Sometimes I have to be careful I do not drive off the road :)

My mother has turned her walled back garden into a lovely place for my father to pursue his photography hobby. It has gone through many transformations and currently sports a Scottish twist to Japanese style.

One of my current interests is fabric postcards. This is a fabulous way to try out any kind of art experiment on a small scale. A really good tutorial can be found at From there you can view numerous postcards donated to Fiberart For A Cause to raise funds for the American Cancer Society.

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