Thursday, December 18, 2008

Clearing out my sewing room :(

Not as bad as it sounds thank goodness. 

DD's 1&2 get into town on Sunday so today I am clearing out a lot of supplies from "my" room so that DD#1 can have "her" room back for a few days. So all of my fabric boxes will go in the sun room or basement and my sewing machine will either be boxed up or set up on the sun room table. Maybe I'll just do some hand sewing for a while.

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Jackie said...

I quilt in our little used dining room. With the holidays coming, I packed everything up Monday and it'll stay packed up until the 26th. Even though I'm a very new quilter (almost done piecing my 2nd top), I have been itching to sew since the day after I packed everything up. I haven't takent up hand sewing (yet) but I do have my knitting! Enjoy your time with your DDs and Happy Holidays!